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The View on the Streets: The Royal wedding


The View on the Streets: The Royal wedding

WORLDbytes intrepid reporters hit the streets to investigate what the British public really think of the Royal wedding. Despite the hype and the millions expected to wedding watch from around the world, in the UK it’s clear, lots of people love a wedding, a celebration, a party or a day off but very few are planning to get the flags out and even fewer would call themselves ‘monarchists’.  Cynicism is rife particularly about splashing the cash and the timing of the wedding and may only foster fatalism but is a disparaging attitude to unelected rulers unhealthy?

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Ryan said:

This is really interesting. So many of us don’t care about the monarchy, we don’t see them as anything much to do with us and not very important really but on the other hand when pushed we also don’t support them. I hate all the snooty attitude from the ones who want us to wave the flag and the ones that are telling us we are idiots to do so. There are more important things to focus on as people on these streets say but I still want to see us rid of the monarchy, privilege and still power to rule over us based on being born into a certain family. No way.

Christian said:

I agree with the guy in the report who says the best thing Cameron has done is say never mind the rules hold a party- probably the ONLY good thing Cameron has done-fascinating report more of this please

Rebecca said:

No one is debating republicanism at all it doesn’t seem to come up – interesting that Obama didn’t get invited- saw a thing on the news last night that church weddings are at an all time low only 5000 or something last year. Being bored by the whole thing is that cynicism?

Anton said:

I agree with Haley it does seem to be a big party of backwardness when you put it like that- the republican in this report doesn’t get me excited though-I don’t like to pooh pooh a party either.

Haley said:

I don’t care about the money I mean they are not exactly poor are they so they can afford it and really we would all like that kind of cash . The thing is nobody seems to question this big gathering of royals coming from all over the world- who made them so important.

J Howard said:

Interesting is it true a lot of public money is spent on this wedding?

Gemma said:

I think the cynicism is reflected in the anti splash the cash stuff -its miserabilism that accepts austerity and changes nothing and questions little although it is understandable. I think this report is probably more representative than most of the weddinfg stuff we are getting on the news where noone is questioning any of it now.

Sarah K said:

I don’t mind the big spend or the day off or the tourism or fantasy wedding viewers worldwide I do object to assumptions that Will will be king – who says so? The monarchy are a truely undemocratic shower and I don’t want to celebrate that. Well done for making a report that says something different.

Elam said:

I reckon this wedding was probably planned from about 2 years ago to sit comfortably with the Government Cuts, forcing this fake happiness on Britain. It certainly doesn’t seem to be working!