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The View on the Streets: Ukraine


Ukraine thumb

As the situation in Ukraine worsens, volunteers ask the public what they make of politicians’ and the media’s portrayal of Russia as the source of evil and the big problem in the region. The responses are fascinating and suggest politicians and the media should listen to the public who are clearly not taken in by the West’s double standards. Western meddling and media bias are in fact now proving dangerous. Watch this video on the Citizen TV award site here register and vote 5* to help the charity win a monthly news award and produce further timely programmes which take the public seriously.

Related topics: Civil Liberties, Debates, Democracy-Brexit, Global

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Lara said:

What this video revealed to me is that the general public have a much more informed and measured opinion that the media often gives them credit for. To make the report better the interviewee should have been placed in a variety of backgrounds and shot from different angles.

Zak said:

At 11:24 onwards, where is that graffiti in the background?

Ethan said:

i thought the video was insightful into what the locals thought about the situation in Ukraine. Ofcourse everyone has an opinion they’re entitled to in a free country that’s why it’s especially important to get the communities view by making more videos that can encourage people on the street to talk about political relations.

Constantine said:

Excellent Smart people Smart report-rare.

Hazeltree said:

What I don’t understand is a) why we don’t believe Russians can fight for gay rights they are not some inferior breed b)why we can’t see Eastern Ukraines’ real fears given their war-time anhilation and c) why we think we should meddle at all.

JJ said:

Sorry Adrian but that’s classic you don’t think punters can think for themselves, we don’t all swallow mainstream media angst you know.

Adrian Carf said:

Sorry but I just don’t believe more people aren’t upset about Putin he was the source of original evil during Sochi.

Julian said:

Wow well done WORLDbytes trust the public to make sense- love it-more of this please.

Suzy said:

I just don’t understand why people have it in for Russia- I thought the cold war was long gone and people in Russia like Putin because they now have proper shops and massively improved living standards which were horrific in the past. Even if he is an ass isn’t that Russian’s business not ours.

Joe benji said:

Wasn’t Ukraine just making a difficult decision in the first place between an EU alignment which promised nothing and a Russia treaty with immediate trade spin offs and in the economic cirumstances it was obvious which way it had to go-for this to then becoem a full blown civil war is horrific and while I am no Putin fan I think Western powers who got stuck in stirred this up and are infact the bad guys here.

Sarah K said:

I do think the EU were in fact the real originators of all this trouble strife and now deaths, they shouldn’t have backed the protestors in the first place and should have kept their noses out. I do think its a problem with protesting in general now too everyone looks to foreign powers celebrities etc rather than trying to convince their own populace/neighbours of anything -its disasterous

linton Q said:

Russia bashing does get on my nerves so this report is impressive and refreshing BUT I just don’t trust Russia anymore than I do the USA.

Harris said:

Brilliant! Well said the Eastenders- someone is talking sense for a change.