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The WOW report


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Facilitated by Bloomberg, WORLDbytes volunteers filmed this report at the WOW Women of the world festival on London’s Southbank and discovered the issues concerning contemporary feminists from neuroscience to sustainable fashion.

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Tommy said:

If we spent less time focusing on gender and there accomplishments then maybe we can start focusing on the things that are really going wrong in the world

PKD said:

Good short report-thanks, they should have had your Afican Americans and guns lecture on, with the story of the storming Mary Turner 6foot tall post-mistress from Montana who punched men and shot wolves….she did it for me.

Fathima said:

Did they have debates on the law as that seems to be where everything is heading for feminism read litigationism, especially the redefinition of emotional abuse idea which is so broad it is absurd and castigates all.

Haley said:

This is pretty good and better than I thought especially the Jewish woman-really interesting I thought it might all be ebullying and trigger warnings and all that stuff which just makes me mad as it treats all women as hopeless and in need of protection which seems to be the current feminista fad.

Zara P said:

Great report! I wish someone would explain (maybe next year?) what the hell intersectionality means and all the check your priviledge stuff- maybe they need Julie Birchill there-that would stir things up a bit!

Millicent said:

Thank you for this, I wanted to attend but couldn’t get a visa-now that’s serious discrimination in my view which still forces so many women (and men) to get stuck where they are born and be prisoners of fate.

Gemima said:

WOW indeed looks like they had quite a line up-hope they had stuff on some of the big issues women face too like the crack down on abortion rights and the way we are now all treated as vulnerable.

Joan Richards said:

Nicely put together insights, sort of sums up feminism today- which does feel rather-lost in the sense of a focus on the small stuff -hair, fashion, language etc as radical rather than the big stuff, war, economy and so on which rather reflects mainstream obsessions with our behaviour.

John H said:

fascinating! It does seem to be an event populated by activists but may be that is understandable-interesting to learn there was a man event too.

Srah Kelly said:

Very well made report, the nuroscience woman is excellent. I don’t think feminism is the least bit controversial these days, is it?