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Think Big


Think BIG showcases Ghanaians with big aspirations and big plans. Flash hotels, fab homes and full-on modernity are where it’s at; dependence makes Ghanaians sick. This film turns the usual pity fest on its head and showcases Ghanaians who are making things happen and putting African-led development on the map. This is just a trailer, for more details of this documnetary visit the film’s dedicated website here. The full film is available on DVD from the WORLDwrite Shop.

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Christina said:

You should see how Ghana looks now, President Kufuor did so much in helping to improve the country

Alboili said:

When most people think of the developing world they don’t picture people with big dreams. This film challenges that assumption and shows that the people of Ghana have the same aspirations as everyone else.

Ibra said:

I find this film very informative and challenging the common understanding of Africa by westerners. The people in Africa wants to be more than needy hopeless and helpless which, they have aspirations like anybody in the west.

Colin Streater said:

Refreshing to see another and positive side of Africa other than the dying children and cup in hand images we constantly see in the west.

Scarlettmore said:

I’ve thrown away my white wristband along with the idea that we know best!

SianF said:

I think the whole doc should be shown on tv because it is definetely a powerful documentary which it will make people think differentely!

Dumi said:

I think it is fantastic how worldwrite did that documentary and I think that the context and the quality of the shot is great enough to present to any broadcast.

RedDevil said:

Well done for challenging the Western prejudice that Africans who want money and consumerism are corrupt or stupid. Dependence sucks!

Johnmbryan said:

What I liked about this was the way that the video (this is jus the trailer isn’t it) allowed people to speak for themselves and to talk openly about their own lives and their hopes.

adamhunt said:

such a good point – we only see the poor, suffering africa because that’s the only bit of the continent that gets any western media coverage. this kind of film really makes you think twice about the misconceptions and generalisations we all make every day…! Everyone should watch the whole doc.

Doctorhewett said:

Very refreshing to see people in the developing world presented in this way – as ordinary people with aspirations for a better life for themselves and their country. This is the real world and this film is a genuine challenge to the usual portrayal of people in the developing world as backward victims. Think Big really deserves to reach as wide an audience as possible.