This multi-award winning channel produces programmes made by volunteers trained by the charity WORLDwrite

Volunteer Training Feedback

On our popular WORLDbytes training days we always ask volunteers to provide feedback on their experience.

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“The film training was fantastic! Having tutors and the opportunity to learn camera techniques was a unique experience. The more skills I acquire the better! Now I will be able to transmit some of my ideas through film.”

“The issues cover arguments/sides that aren’t normally highlighted in popular media. I appreciate that we cover minority or unpopular opinons to get people to broaden their views, increase their tolerance and think more critically. That is why I got involved, I wanted to expand my tolerance and open my mind more.”

“Amazing that this training is free. You would pay 1,000’s for a film training course day and it wouldn’t be as useful as today!!”

“Being part of the training meant actually shooting for WORLDbytes Views from the Streets which allowed me to experience of lots of views first hand on an important issue and it was really interesting that people come across with various viewpoints. Gave me an insight into the making of interviews. Got a lot of transferable skills which I can use.”

“The shoot really helped me understand my own opinions and develop my analytical skills in relation to arguing against and for certain points. It also increased my confidence in public speaking. It was very challenging yet incredibly enjoyable.”

“The trainers expertise was incredibly useful.”

“The issues WORLDbytes tackle are very relevant and need to be debated without fear – it is so refreshing to hear what the public wants to say.”

“I’ve done film training with WORLDbytes before and the reason why I came back is because the quality of training was really good.”

“It was really useful because it forced me to read into a subject properly and objectively and push myself to not only have an opinion but an informed one which I could articulate.”

“I’ve been volunteering for WORLDbytes and WORLDwrite for some time now and having the opportunity to develop new skills has been brilliant.  My interest was in the issues and marketing.  I’ve now learnt so much about online marketing, I think I might want a career in it.”

“Extremely useful even though I have done other training before I learnt new processes. The friendly presentations and excellent amount of handouts really helped.”

“The training was a great overview of film basics – especially lighting and cinematography. Helpful tips that don’t normally get through other means of training.”

“I have not been much of a speaker however being part of the programme made me more confident.”

“Practical camera knowledge, accessible and coherent overtook my expectations as did the informative tutors and great team. The manual training of the cameras was very helpful, very in depth, and the tutors were very good in explaining but coupled with the on the job experience and it was invaluable.”

“Very enjoyable and exciting to be part of an actual news shoot and the fact we changed the subject at the last minute because of the riots made it really interesting. I really learnt a lot.”

“I was working on the suffragette film and just researching but now the idea for a small programme has turned into an epic documentary and I’ve learnt all sorts of new things.  I’ve learnt how to use the camera, getting good sound, finding images and searching archives.  It’s been an amazing experience.”

“WORLDbytes – brilliant concept.  I now understand the huge amount of work involved in making a programme, and then you have to start promoting it!”

“It was extraordinarily useful, we received a lot of training in a short amount of time and learnt useful skills to use in the future. It was a great learning curve for me. The issues covered are always brilliant, that is one of the main reasons why I got involved.”

“The fact that the training was centred around the content – the hive of unemployment – meant we were forced to research the facts and arguments. I was surprised to find unemployment a fascinating topic, as it raised questions about how we view other people, their aspiration and the future.”

“I got involved since I wanted to dig deeper into video broadcast journalism as I am interested in creating thought provoking material which WORLDbytes does extremely well.”

“I joined WORLDbytes because the topics are always controversial and are always of interest. They focus on the issues that matter and WORLDbytes brings to life debate in a new dimension. Being introduced to WORLDbytes has helped me view issues and indeed the world in a new way and has given me a perspective on current changes that I would not otherwise have been able to obtain.”

“It is important that we voice our opinions, challenge and question the way the world works in order for us to live in a society that’s healthy and best for its people.  WORLDwrite welcomes and promotes all people to have their say and this is why I joined WORLDbytes.”

“I have had film training before at WORLDbytes but it was a while ago so it was great I got the opportunity to get a refresher. I got involved again because I had so much fun with WORLDbytes last year, I just had to come back.”

“Making the [WORLDbytes] programme made me realise all the effort that goes into presenting even short programmes. In addition to technical experience with light, sound and camera, I also learned the different ways to represent ideas and interest and how an efficient organisation operates.”

“Brilliant. All the trainers were patient and friendly. They explained everything in a clear and thorough way and were very happy to answer any questions. They made all volunteers feel welcome and valued.”

“It is difficult to decide which part of this weekend was most useful as every aspect of it was valuable for different reasons. The Train & Shoot course more than exceeded my expectations and has left me with much to consider for the future. The trainers were superb, a genuine first.”

“I got involved with the WORLDbytes because it is very hard for a teenager with a passion in media to be given the opportunity to participate in film making. WORLDbytes gives young people the chance to actively engage in film making while giving them a voice to express the views about the world around them in a medium that is accessible to all.”

“WORLDbytes seems too good to be true. An opportunity to make your voice be heard by producing high quality documentaries alongside gaining new skills and experience in the technical aspects of production. It is also a great opportunity to meet a lot of new people who I can share ideas with on topical issues whist providing a platform to voice our concerns.”

“I really enjoyed the discussions with other volunteers. It felt more inspiring to talk about social and global issues in a non-educational environment. The camera training and experience was an amazing opportunity and I still cannot believe it was free it was so good.”

“The train and shoot weekend has been fun. I have learnt a lot about both video production and current affairs. A lot of effort has been spent on organising and running the train and shoot weekend which I really appreciate as I think it has really benefitted me.”

“I would highly recommend WORLDbytes training, not only for the film-making but also for the opportunity to explore contemporary social issues in depth and find a story worth telling.”

“This is one of the best things I’ve ever done educationally. It had the perfect balance of training and shooting. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“I had a great time as well as learning a huge amount. I really enjoyed the way the training enables you to learn technical skills which I wouldn’t otherwise have had the oportunity to do as well as exploring some very engaging topics.”

“Incredibly valuable opportunity to be able to gain experience in working with media and an excellent forum to discuss important issues that would be otherwise ignored.”

“The training is excellent at WORLDbytes as it is both very in-depth but simple to understand at the same time.”

“I was completely blown away by the whole experience and absolutely loved it!”

“It’s important to be aware of social and political issues.  Having the chance to discover and learn about these issues and then reflect them through film, whilst learning filming techniques is perfect.”

“The training doesn’t just cover the technical aspects of filming but the logistics and what was really good is that we got to set up a mock debate which enabled us to plan for those split second decisions that you have to make on shoots.”

“Assisting with the production of these programmes was incredibly interesting and, being something that was new to me, I benefitted supremely from being able to observe how such productions are planned, composed and executed. I genuinely think there was nothing included that did not provide a positive learning experience.”

“I found it very weird that, even though the first day of the film training lasted from 9am to 8pm and I had to get up at 6.30am that I didn’t feel tired or bored during the day and quite enjoyed running around or standing still to the camera. It helped me to find that this training doesn’t just allow me to learn things about filming, but it has also allowed me to find value myself in doing things like this.”

“The training on all variety of cameras was exceptionally good providing the baseline for complete and self sufficient filming in many situations. I learnt, the basics of light, sound, framing and care of cameras as well as examples of the scripts, sets and techniques used in shooting.”

“Fantastic. Not only incredibly informative but also a wonderful forum for political and worldly discussion as well as a superbly organised and motivated management team and a great bunch of people.”

“The issues covered have all been really interesting. I particularly liked being involved in Question Dine where we got to grill parliamentary candidates over dinner in a local cafe. It’s been really interesting to have debates and discuss view points. I’ve had brilliant weekend.”

“A great crew and brilliant tutors. Immensely interesting and brilliant debates and discussions about all sorts of issues which you just don’t get anywhere else.”

“I’m a novice when it comes to the film/TV industry so it was great to be able to get hands on experience. It was great learning about all aspects of a shoot. Ian [the camera tutor] was very good at teaching us especially considering everyone had no previous experience.”

“During the shoot I felt like part of the creative team and everything I contributed was listened to.”

“This was very helpful. Being able to put the training into practical experience was fantastic. Working on something that was live and knowing it would be uploaded made the shoot much more professional.”

“EXCELLENT! The tight schedule meant there wasn’t enough time to get tired or bored. It was thought about carefully to ensure that everyone had a job. This created a lovely atmosphere where everyone worked together and mucked in as a team.”

“Everything was useful. I have gained a lot of experience and skills that will benefit my future. I am a lot more confident and my persuasive skills have shot up to the top after going out there and persuading people to do interviews.”

“I really enjoyed my time here. The days I’ve spent here have been more than what I had expected. Extraordinary I would say. Brilliant, enjoyable and full of challenges. Look forward to doing more voluntary work here.”

“I found it very helpful to be part of the video news programme because I knew I was involved in something useful and entertaining.”

“I learnt more than I ever expected. I couldn’t operate a video camera before and now I am fully capable. We learnt about absolutely everything and now fully appreciate television and videos that I watch – because it’s hard work!”

“The fact that we were filming for programmes that were going to be watched by so many people made it sound like I was doing a job rather than just learning how to shoot, and because I wanted to do it properly. For me, it was very helpful in gaining shooting experience as I would like to work in Film/TV in the future.”

“The issues we tackle a very interesting, informative and applicable to real life. Very relevant.”

“I got a lot from going out and shooting for real programmes. I had never done it before and it helped me develop my confidence in communicating with different people and within a group setting. I particularly enjoyed dealing with the public at the vox pops shoots.”

“I found out about things that I never thought I could do such as recording footage and presenting and interviewing people.”

“The issues we cover are really interesting and important because they are looking to improve people’s lives and therefore they are useful to all of us as individuals.”

“Being able to use the cameras from the word “go” was brilliant – it’s the only way to learn a technical like this.”

“The whole course was a pleasure to take part in. I am very grateful to the staff and volunteers at WORLDbytes/write and I hope that I am able to contribute in the future to the sterling work they do.”

“Great weekend. It was a lot of fun and really engaging. An organisation willing to have the difficult arguments. Would recommend this to anyone interested in film or just knowing more about the world.”

“I particularly found learning about cameras very useful. This is the first time I have had any training on cameras, lighting and sound setting and it has been excellent. Very thorough.”

“I think it’s great. Everyone is really nice and helpful… You can try out a lot! I don’t think this opportunity presents itself anywhere else. It’s awesome that WORLDwrite does it! And it’s well done. I was able to learn a lot. I am excited to do further work at WORLDwrite.”

“All aspects of the training were useful because I have no previous experience of operating cameras. I enjoyed the fact that the info was relayed quickly and intensively because this gave us more time to practice, make mistakes and learn afterwards.”

“The huge majority of the shoot was useful especially as it links to what I would like to do in the future. The Train and Shoot exceeded all expectations and I learnt things such as certain knobs on the camera and the meaning behind it, how important lighting was and that politics can be exciting and not a bore for the average Joe.”

“This weekend exceeded my expectations. I felt nervous at first but the tutors were friendly but professional so I knew that I had to work too. This was really useful and I enjoyed being thrown in straight away – learning by doing.”

“The Train and Shoot was great. Met many fantastic people on set and the atmosphere was always explosive. I’m very very proud of everything that I’ve done these 3 days as I have never worked so hard in such a short space of time! Overall I can’t fault it!”

“Wicked course, wicked centre and wicked management – this organisation gives a platform to young people to gain skills and training which is otherwise inaccessible for most due to the expense plus the opportunity to discuss and debate real issues and topics which impact on today’s world and society in an open and honest atmosphere.”

“Actually putting what has been learnt into practice was invaluable; there’s no other way to learn about the typical problems that occurs on a shoot.”

“Very inspiring and good for me especially because I’ve been out of education and a job for couple of years.  I think this is very useful place to start to think about new issues and learn new skills.”

“Lovely people running it providing the rarest of services – a free opportunity to get some media experience!”

“A great opportunity, brilliant food, all the people have been incredible. I’ve learnt loads and really enjoyed myself. Learning at such a fast rate ensures that you really learn things and you cannot hide away if you don’t. Thanks so much guys.”

“The political side of WORLDwrite is really what sets it apart for me and what makes it a really enjoyable experience is making things which have an important message. I really identify with a lot of what is produced and how it does not follow the mainstream.”

“I gained so much more than I expected to from the Train & Shoot. Simple yet in-depth training given before getting really stuck in to real filming on actual shoots.”

“Variation in the film environments and roles meant we covered a lot of ground. I found the interviewing to be most useful – both in terms of filming and interview technique. A good grounding for any aspiring documentary maker.”

“I joined WORLDbytes because the topics are always controversial and are always of interest. They focus on the issues that matter and WORLDbytes brings to life debate in a new dimension. Being introduced to WORLDbytes has helped me view issues and indeed the world in a new way and has given me a perspective on current changes that I would not otherwise have been able to obtain”.

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