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TV Dinners: Fatminster


TV Dinners: Fatminster

Join us for a TV Dinner and chew on the government’s obsession with our waistlines.  Special guest and author of Panic on a plate, Rob Lyons, pokes more than a few holes in some fat worries. Do we really want Westminster diktating what we eat he asks? Wouldn’t society be healthier politically if what we put in our mouths was up to us? The myths promoted by Fatminster are best taken with more than a pinch of salt and in many cases need spitting out.

Related topics: Civil Liberties, Debates

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Sue said:

“We spend years trying to get women out of the kitchen and now we want them back in” – is that girl serious? This young lady’s brain must be made of mushy peas. I”m a woman and am seriously offended by her grossly misguided and naive comment. Knowledge about food and nutrition is incredibly empowering, as is cooking for ourselves. This is not a woman’s issue. Please. It allows us to take control of the health of ourselves and our family – both women and men – which has major consequences on what happens to us, how we live and our quality of life. And I didn’t know there was anything wrong with whipping up a tasty Thai stirfry from scratch. Honestly.

I hope Jamie Oliver punched that kid back. The guy could be doing more fun things but is trying to teach these kids what their parents have not. Surely his dad put him up to it when he heard about the impending visit. Only in the UK, guys, only in the UK.

I’m sorry to say that Rob Lyons looks incredibly unhealthy even from the neck up and without a change to his lifestyle won’t live anywhere near to his potential lifespan. Who loses then? Mr. Lyons. Where’s the sense in this, sir? What an absurd argument. We’ve got a man in denial and a group of students who don’t live in the real world just yet, pontificating on what they know nothing of. How enlightening.

I'm fat said:

I am obese and have no problem admitting it I know why I’m fat and just because I am fat does not make me stupid, I am really really sick of government and NHS hectoring on this. It doesn’t help in fact it makes me just want to eat a lot and say up yours go away its my life THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

G Robinson said:

I agree it shouldn’t be a government priority but what about people who are obese surely they need some sort of help.

Vincent O said:

Excellent points nicely made, I don’t want a government telling me what to eat. watching this did make me hungry too.