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TV Dinners: Prohibition


TV Dinners: Prohibition

In this second episode of WORLDbytes’ TV Dinners, while guests tuck into cheese and cake for dessert, the conversation progresses to drinking and smoking. Interwoven with infamous campaign adverts designed to change our behaviour, diners consider whether the amount we drink and whether we smoke should really be up to us. Special guest Rob Lyons points out, the first thing you get from doctors is questions about your weight, smoking and alcohol consumption which may have absolutely nothing to do with what you have visited them for. Should we have the freedom to make unhealthy choices? If alcohol is a great social lubricant, is binge drinking okay? Is smoking a step too far for our health and should smokers be demonised? All the arguments are chewed over in this compelling short.

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Piotr said:

I agree with some of the comments that say we should negotiate the risks and pleasures involved in drinking and smoking for ourselves as adults able to understand the possible consequences. Just one thing though, I remember the debate and the evidence brought to bear around the question of does second-hand smoke damage others and there is no conclusive proof that it does. The only thing is that some find the smell unpleasant so it seems only human to ask if people mind, as in the old phrase, “mind if I smoke?”

Shana said:

There are some really interesting and valid points made in this episode – particularly about smoking and the exaggerated advertisements on smoking by Rob Lyons. Raising awareness of health risks of certain activities is not necessarily bad however the problem is when it becomes a crusade to demonise the so-called culprits for their personal choices.

In terms of binge drinking and drinking , yes you should act responsibly but we should prevent people or force them to restrict their drinking because of our personal views.

Sara Garrido said:

Whether we want to destroy ourselves by drinking, taking drugs or whatever, or we prefer taking care of ourselves to the point that we can last up to a hundred years should be up to us. I don’t think any other person has the right to decide that. I would tell society not to worry if they see someone drinking until they throw up, that experience will teach them next time to stop at the point they start not feeling well. You can drink and be ridiculous sometimes but you always remember it the morning after and for sure next time you won’t let that happen. However, I do believe that in the case of smoking we should be just not allowed to do it in close spaces because we would be interfering in other people’s rights to keep healthy. Authorities should make us aware of the dangers we are taking by smoking or drinking too much but the choice of doing it or not is just up to us! The human being is inteligent enough and sometimes the people that’s “on the top” of us don’t seem to believe it.

K said:

Is binge drinking the same as suiside?
In general, drinking too much does harm to your health and excessive drinking may lead you to death.
If the answer is yes, it is a matter of ethical.
But if the answer is no, it is a matter of self-control.
Then, this problem comes to be the same as oversleep.

Suhail Patel said:

I read an interesting fact once; that the human body is capable to live nearly two centuries, but we all slowly poison ourselves to death.

I suppose it’s a difficult question to answer – what do we value more, our health or our desires?

I think like anything in life, it’s a question of balance. Balance in that the state gives us the freedom to do what we want to our bodies, but also educates us adequately to dangers of over consuming harmful substances.

zahid khan said:

I believe every individual has a personnel responsibility to look after themselves. We shouldn’t blame alcohol or smoking for our problems, no one forces this substance into our body. I do believe though young people should be more educated on how harmful it can be but the choice should be up to the individual. I also think light drugs should be made legal like cannabis and feel the only reason why the government does not make it legal because it is to easy to grow at home thus not be able to place a tax on it like it does on tobacco.

I think government anti smoking campaign has an underlying benefit to the government in helping them being able to place heavy tax on tobacco government.