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Unrealpolitik: a new world order?


Unrealpolitik: a new world order?

Have today’s statesmen and women lost the knack of serious, calculated diplomacy?  Or is old‐style statecraft simply less relevant in a world increasingly dominated by international institutions? In this fascinating debate filmed at the Battle of ideas, panellists explain what’s changed as they see it and the debate gets heated on the best way forward. Speakers include Dr Kerry Brown, author and head of Asia programme at Chatham House; Dame Ann Leslie, journalist at the Daily Mail; Karl‐Erik Norrman, author, founder and secretary‐general, European Cultural Parliament; Brendan O’Neill, editor, spiked; Mark Seddon, writer, broadcaster and author.

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diana E said:

Karl Erik’s clepto-capitalism concept -AMAZING……that perfectly summs up today’s reality ….

Jennie G said:

There does seem to be a disconnect between real national interests and their expression in politics and diplomatic negotiation and the drive to find a sort of morally superior position without reference to the nuts and bolts of life – a kind of narcissism. Bugger the laptop bombadiers!

Pierre Girault said:

Dame Ann Leslie is better than I thought she would be but appears cynical about the prospects for a possible resurgence of real internationalism in this context.

Randolph Ferry said:

I think Brendan O’Neill is right to question the false internationalism of the UN, EU and their hangers on – probably it would be better to call it parastate paternalism.

Sheena said:

Yep agree that Mark Seddon is a lap top imperialist. Ann Leslie right about opposing Libya intervention but otherwise I think she is losing the plot somewhat- interesting to hear her though as one of the ‘old school’ journos who wined & dined with diplomats.