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Views On The News: Immigration


Views On The News: Immigration

In this thought-provoking programme, volunteers consider the arguments for and against open borders and ask whether there is a generation gap on attitudes towards immigration. Being positive about immigration we learn, has become a badge of moral superiority and is used to admonish a supposedly bigoted white working class for being anti-immigrant and work shy. This is not a by-product of immigration to the UK but a result of its use by an elite who consider the masses in need of behaviour modification and migrants in need of strict control. Without open borders, Saleha Ali argues we cannot claim we have freedom.

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WORLDbytes – The School of Citizen TV » Illegals go home? said:

[…] WORLDbytes video Views On The News: Immigration […]

Chioma said:

I’m glad I watched this, it has shed some light on the whole immigration issue, as a young person myself I was always confused and lacked knowledge on the issue of immigration, open borders etc. I would always come across older people complaining about immigrants taking our jobs, they take our money and run of back to their countries. I always felt this carried on the stance of racism and lack of humanity, the negative reasoning without seeing these people as individuals trying to lead a better life. Watching this video confirms my view, great debate again.

Travis said:

In my opinion, one of the most important issues tackled by Saleha in this video is that of the generation gap. The stereotype is that the older members of British society are those that are spearheading the anti-immigrant campaign, but Saleha points out that a new idea requires support of a new generation, or in other words, support of the youth.

Vijayta said:

This is a good introduction to the open borders debate. In an age of the internet and the unprecedented communication that is able to happen the world over, travel and migration is a given on some level. It therefore makes sense to consider the issue from every angle and bear mind that circumstances differ from case to case. It’s also true that the younger generation has a very different outlook on open borders, one that is becoming increasingly more relevant as they come into responsibility.

Randolph Ferry said:

Most of the time it seems that the views politicians put forward on immigration are governed by their current attitude to the EU (UKIP being the most obvious example). What politicians don’t generally do is consider the case for open borders per se as if it’s off their radar. Secondly Saleha is right to say that a lightly held pro-migrant stance has become an elite posture (Labour and Lib-Cons but also the wider political class) in order to distance themselves from the apparently ‘bigoted’ mass of society aka football fans etc. This elite posturing misunderstands everything and turns the world on it’s head as to who is responsible for real racism, letting the real culprits off the hook. Don’t be hoodwinked.