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Views on the News: Patriotism


Patriot thumb

In this compelling and timely short, volunteers pose points and questions on patriotism to media lecturer Dr Graham Barnfield. Should St George’s day be celebrated as a national holiday? Why is the Union Jack back in vogue and the St George flag seen as dodgy? Should past imperial horrors dictate our attitude to patriotism today? Can patriotism be good and nationalism bad as Orwell put it? Aren’t we culturally superior to ISIS? With much to chew on Dr Barnfield never fails to challenge contempt for our common humanity. Interwoven with illustrative imagery, it’s a great watch and starting point for debate.

Related topics: Civil Liberties, Debates, Democracy-Brexit, Global

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Raisul Bhuiyan said:

The video was very interesting, because I don’t consider myself patriotic. However, I see no problem with others displaying patriotism. Citizens of Britain should be able to display the St. Georges flag, if they feel that it represents who they are and where they are from. I do not think that displaying the flag promotes superiority over other cultures; I feel that the promotion of the British flag is a way to display what one believes in. I also find it interesting what professor Graham about humanism. I do believe that we should promote humanistic values above everything else.

Michael said:

I was especially intrigued by the segment on flying flags around sporting events. As an American, the idea of the different British flags being viewed positively or negatively is quite literally foreign to me. The way I see it, it is just a way of showing pride for what you choose to be proud of, whether that is the United Kingdom as a whole, or say, England if you choose to fly a St. George’s flag. I think despite certain ideas that come with flying each flag, those should be put aside for the sake of honoring whatever the flag flier so chooses.

Maya said:

I do think we should get over the nonsense of flag waving! which to me seems just having a go at football fans. people are proud of the country they live in. I don’t think it makes you an ignorant monster.

Tom said:

Isn’t there also a case for sovereignty vis-à-vis the EU, provided that it is of its original intent , which is a reflection of the democratic citizens of one geographic place.

Heidi said:

I’m unsure though, what a strong campaign for unity might look like. As there seem to be few political positives to advance other than infact we all suffer the same rubbish (which is a negative) be it in Scotland , Newcastle,or London

Heidi said:

Interesting points on the Scottish referendum . Also agree with the point on regionalism as a reaction to weakened central authority.

Jason said:

okay, Good Video. But what are British values? Can somebody please elaborate?

Ariel said:

Very interesting video. I didn’t know that Orwell had made the distinction between Patriotism ans Nationalism. I’ll need to look that up

Daniel said:

I don’t think we should take responsibility for past crimes but should learn about them in History lessons. Apologising for Britain’s imperialist past is just nonsense and fails to deal with today’s inadequate foreign policy.

Lara said:

Well said Graham Barnfield! I agree with the national holiday on St George’s day as we are not ignorant, racist, homophobic savages.