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Views on the Streets: Free Speech post-Copenhagen


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Following the attacks in Copenhagen, a month on from the massacre in France, WORLDbytes Citizen TV volunteers took to the streets of East London to test the public’s mettle on free speech. Would they support the right to be offensive and to blaspheme or are the terrorists winning? In the programme we hear from East enders who want to stand their ground, but the cracks are showing too. Director Ceri Dingle commenting on the programme said: “Relativism, the ‘respect’ agenda and fear are a dangerous cocktail and getting people to stop and say what they think was unusually hard going. The programme shows that not everyone has given in however and that’s heartening. To challenge a dangerous culture of offence taking which is used to shut down debate by non-violent and by murderous means, it is vital we put unfettered free speech on the agenda.”

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Views on the Street: Post Copenhagen | the middleton man said:

[…] Interesting soundbites and relevant to all who advocate Free Speech […]

George said:

Well done WORLDbytes for this one! I was shocked by the Copenhagen incidents The targeting of Jewish people really worries me. I find it difficult to understand why people get very obsessed with Islamophobia but treat anti-semitism as if it’s ok.

Mila said:

Really interesting video. And interesting to see a lot of different people from various parts of world. I guess that’s what East London is like. They seem to be more open-minded than a lot of the people I know. I agree with a lot that’s said and it’s really refreshing to see this.

Bernie said:

I don’t want to be offended. Nobody wants to be offended. But surely we have to get young people to learn to deal with being offended. Bullying regulations will mostly makes us weak and unable to handle ourselves.

Daniel said:

For me the thing about the issue of law or control by government is to make us stupid robots without any choice and unable to make decisions of what to say for ourselves.

Rohit said:

Wow. so glad people have the courage to speak up. people today should learn not be so sensitive and take criticism positively. Great great video.

Madhu said:

This is a fantastic video. Free speech should not be the latest casualty. People should speak without fear about their ideas. Only then can we learn and progress.

Julia Pesslet said:

Hmmm I’m surprised to find myself agreeing with quite a few people in this video, I think we should all be prepared to take offence and to say what we think.

Farah said:

I am glad you have shown there are people who are not scared and are open to everything, we need so much more of this and I’m a Muslim!

Sarah K said:

Great video, thank you, to be honest I’m impressed so many people are so forthcoming, my friends all say the cartoonists were wrong to publish, I know they are wrong but I find it hard to argue,we are so terrified of being called racist these days.