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Views on the streets: Has Israel been portrayed as uniquely evil?


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WORLDbytes volunteers and the public air their thoughts on the streets of East London on the Gaza-Israel conflict, protests, anti-Semitism and the portrayal of Israel. Savvy East-enders provide thoughtful insights in stark contrast to much of the Gaza media frenzy. Do watch, comment and share.

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Dee said:

I see no difference between the “canned hunting” of Gaza/Palestine and the “canned hunting” of Africa. They are both despicable and repugnant. We have NO RIGHT TO TAKE A LIFE of human or animal. STOP THE BLOODSHED.

Manu said:

I didn’t like what Israel is doing,killing innocent children.GAZA should not allow Israel airstrikes.It should now attack on Israel and lunch rockets on its aircrafts and its army.

Cliff Surtees said:

Palestinians are the only people on earth asked to guarantee the security of their occupier. Imagine if the UK had bombed Belfast and some of the other towns, killing thousand of civilians to try to get a couple of IRA members. Its unthinkable.

Cliff Surtees said:

Are we not sickened by religious fanatics standing on seized Palestinian land declaring that God gave them Judea and Samaria, and the Arabs are inferior anyway. Sickened by the routine violence of the settlers, serious enough to warrant front-page treatment in that voice of the US foreign policy establishment, Foreign Affairs: settlers smashing the windows of Palestinian flats to drive families out, uprooting the date and olive trees on Palestinian farms, spraying graffiti on ­churches and mosques.

Baraan tabeer said:

I just saw palastinans kids … Their little innocent dead bodies … Curse Israel for its brutal action … Somday they v to pay for ths … Just imagine if their kids have to face the same … Somday it ll b over n they ll see the consiquences

t.suman said:

One side criticism is not justified. Even Hamas and other Muslim terrorist organisations shall be criticised as they are against humanity. Both Israe and its rival countries must go for amicable settlement. We must not encourage violence by any community or country. Let Humanity exist every where on this world

Nisar said:

War has a rule not supposed to kill children’s and women’s, there is no difference between Israel’s and terrorists both kills innocent’s, miss using their political power, children even they don’t know why they are getting targeted, think if your owned children killed by some in front of you how you feel????????????????????

suraya said:

My opinion is that people need to educate themselves more about the history of Israel and Palestine. Israel grabs homes, lands, mosques kills people daily. Israel initiates problems to start a war. Palestinians farms are been burnt destroyed. Gaza is an open prison where the Palestinians have no freedom. They are occupied by Israel with the military and drones flying over Gaza daily. The blockade restricts the Palestinians from coming or going. Israel restricts the Palestinians from going to the mosque to do there prayers. The Palestinians have a right to defend itself. We need to stand up against Israel. To voice once point of view is not antisemetism. Its justice to Palestine for the unjust that is committed on a daily basis.

Emma said:

I do think the point about civilians dying has been used by the media to grab the headlines and get readers as one man said– that is an important point, I think to remember that people that mostly report news are not trying to educate– they are trying primarily to entertain and get views. News isn’t designed to challenge us to think about our place in conflicts we have been a part of too– it is meant to shock us, get us to watch and leave us feeling satisfied in our place in the world. It’s nice to watch how many people can think for themselves on these issues and put the conflict into the wider context reporting of it is lacking.

Josh said:

It is funny how Westerners have been so quick to condemn Israel almost verging on anti-semitism. But does anyone think about the thousands of lives that have been unjustly killed. Those in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East due to our foreign policy. A lot of silence on that.

Madhu said:

I think Israel and Hamas are both evil because both are killing innocents and yet are not to blame for the Israel Palestine conflict. Protest against Israel and anti-Semitism in the media is not helping the Palestinians or Jews, rather it makes the middle east conflict an international show of moral superiority. The interviews in this short film show that people are aware of the issues and history of Gaza and more people should watch this.

Rohit said:

Great insights from the public ! I think the last person said it perfectly “anytime anyone is killed unjustly it’s wrong.” We don’t need to tally totals from both sides and say one only side is bad. People should protest against all unjust deaths if they really care.

Bucks said:

Incredibly refreshing to hear some articulate street wisdom with Israel getting some rational understanding which I’ve never seen or heard in the mainstream media. Many points made I agree with. I’d add that I don’t know how rights to a geographical area are established but interesting that unlike Gaza, Tel Aviv is home to a mix of Arabs and Jews/Israelis, living alongside each other in mutual toleration, Sarajevo-style. This must be a red rag to Hamas et al, as it was to Milosovic. Bottom line is that life is lived and died as an experience of individuals, not collectives, groups, nations, tribes etc. Where individual rights are respected, Arab, Jewish or whatever, the governmental structure and rule of law supporting them should be defended. Israel is ready to trade peacefully with Palestine, but not to be driven into the Mediterranean and for their material wealth to be plundered. The media and intelligentsia, even many Jewish, support the underdog and have only fear and loathing of anything that smacks of materialist free market success. Israel, whilst far from perfect, is a stark challenge to the failure of the culture and political economies in the surrounding region, having created a hi-tech city out of a desert.

Joe benji said:

I do think it has to be and can only people in the region who solve this conflict and not only should the West butt out but in the cicumstances Westerners should probably butt out too. Sounds harsh but I can see Israel lashing out even more if all we do is bash it. As one women says they can’t exactly ‘move’. Nice vid.

keepthepeace said:

OK I’m not a pacifist but I do want peace and yes this video has made me do a double-take BUT only because I can see it’s weird that Israel has been singled out for a lot of anger. Very thoughtful members of public I must say.

rachael p said:

I went on the protests and yes there is a bit of anti-semitism on the placards but there are also a lot of people just angry at the deaths isn’t that fair enough?