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Views on the Streets: What gets your vote?


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In this election special WORLDbytes volunteers hit the streets to find out whether London’s East Enders planned to vote in the May 2014 local and European elections in the UK, what they did on the day and reactions to the results. No one seemed keen on the parties standing and “uninspiring” was the majority verdict. In the aftermath, volunteers explain why they didn’t vote and the few that did express little conviction. Were the results a surprise? Yes and no, UKIP’s victory didn’t seem to faze volunteers questioned and fear of a mythical mass of supposed bigots didn’t feature. Not endorsed by the electorate, Britain’s ruling oligarchs would do well to wake up, watch and learn. The public have better insights than many a media pundit and are seriously unimpressed with what is on offer.

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George said:

Amazing video. Even if you are not interested in the greater issues facing society today you can still relate to the points raised here simply as a fellow human being.

Isa said:

We must remember to judge the policies in context of their makers and our society; that is, will the policy go through? Will it be enforced? Does it serve us, the masses? And at the same time, could it’s qualities serve to be of global catastrophic consequence for us, the masses-ie does the policy in either the long or the short term, serve the handful of elites who hold an ever more rapidly increasing portion of the worlds wealth? With the TTIP agreement and the growing calls for revolution the end of this growing and disgusting wealth gap can come if we act now

Mukthadir Ali said:

This is the way coherently to get the public’s views on who they might be voting for.The public need to consider why are they voting?Is it for their policies that will change their lives, policies are what actually will affect our lives, we should judge the politicians not on their personalities but on promising what they will do.As far as I’m concerned everything else is just hype!.

Randolf said:

I agree absolutely with the the guy who liked a ‘united Europe’ but really skeptical about the European Union

Asha said:

Was interesting to see the teenagers views on the lowering the age.

Sofie said:

really great insights from the public. 5* from me too

Serene said:

Good video! really shows how far away the political class is from the public. 5 stars from me.