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Views on the streets: Why have young Brits joined ISIS killers?


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Finding out what the public think is always revealing and worth the effort. In this short video WORLDbytes volunteers tackle a hard subject on the street and ask what drives young people to join ISIS barbarians in Syria and Iraq? The responses raise further questions, not least, should young people be given everything on a plate and have we failed to spoon feed inspiration? Have we encouraged them to become so self-obsessed, narcissistic and nihilistic that they can go off as one gentleman puts it ‘as sadists…… let rip’? Do watch, comment and share.

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Vili said:

great video. I think these young people, who are being brainwashed into religious fanatism, should learn to be a bit sceptical of religion. Have they never thought why certain people are never incinerated by bolts of lightning ?

Michael M. said:

I think the last girl to speak said some very thought-provoking things. She stressed that in limiting freedoms and instilling fear in Western societies, the governments are doing people a great disservice and actually doing ISIS’s work for them. The question is how can governments in the West make people aware of ISIS while not submitting to its intentions. There are many questions in the dealings with ISIS and the Middle East that seem impossible to answer at the moment.

michael said:

How do I go join the Kurds and fight isis

dindo hamac said:

i think the British governmen specially the secret service knows very well that this person Anjem Choudary is the one that promote hatred and death to infidels, brainwashed those young muslims and encourage them to join the ISIS. Many muslims the silent majority hated this man, they’re afraid one day their sons and daughters too will be brainwash by this crazy psychopath. i suggest that ,he needs a doctor to analyze a large part of his advice to the British, just don’t need to follow “By the book”.

dindo hamac said:

these young men is simply brainwashed by those religious fanatics..if they want to go and fight in a senseless war then let them go. most of them in a few months will be crying wanting to go home..i suggest strip them of british citizenship, afterall most of them are not real british.

Phil said:

The British Government and the British people are not to blame for these radical Muslims joining ISIS. All this talk about not being valued in the UK society etc is absolute garbage. They’re just playing the “victim card” which Muslims always play when they want to do barbaric acts. I wouldn’t stop any Muslim from going – it’s their choice. However, once they leave, their passports should be cancelled and there’s no coming back to the UK. We then don’t need all this de-radicalisation nonsense because they are never coming back.

Eaman said:

This video was well done in that it captured diverse perspectives and solutions to the various questions being asked. The parts that struck chord with me were about the politics of terrorism. How in a sense, believing in Islamaphobia, and the messages of ISIS, we allow it to consume and defeat us. The allowance, whether conscious or unconscious of it to control and manipulate society by fear tactics is a testament to the success of ISIS. Further, we need to question why ISIS has sprung? What has allowed it to emerge and start taking control? It is important to understand that the West in a sense created ISIS by intervention in the Middle East. This intervention which destroyed old government structures, left unstable and open spaces to be consumed by the rise of these types of organizations. Where the instability has allowed these groups to emerge, grow, and gain international influence.
This also ties in with the multiculturalism myth we see here in Britain. Where instead of working on the co-existence of diversity, we focus on the differences by strictly defining various communities into boxes. Rather, we need to think globally and accept differences, and understand issues through different perspectives.

Geoffrey said:

Brilliant diverse point of view from the audience. Would love to see more of this type of content

ashlie said:

The video was very insightful,I thought that it was a good idea to explore the issue even though its very taboo, i enjoyed listening to peoples opinions and ideas on how to tackle the issue. I also liked how young people were involved too, its not just a topic that involves adults, but everyone too.

Chidera said:

I was realy baffled about why young people are willing to waste thier lifes but this video gave me some possible reasons like the fact that fighting for something makes them feel valued. It seams that in this country too, the media potrays many muslims as terorist and so many young people might feel that they might aswell play the role by joining ISIS. I think that many young people go an join ISIS because they have nothing better to do.

Emma said:

Great video– it was really refreshing to watch people engage with what is obviously a difficult topic without picking what they are saying to have a particular agenda, as is so often the case when reading news about this issue.
It’s an issue that is important to everyone in the country and I thought it was excellent that the point about there not being anything discussed in our culture to replace these idealised views that particularly young people need to feel satisfied with their lives. Religion isn’t the only thing out there offering a way to live a ‘good’ or correct life, and it would be nice to hear more often about different philosophies and ways of thinking.

Charissa said:

I think the two points made about glamourization and alienation were really spot on. The violence displayed and the atrocities being committed are being put under the facade of some sort of worthy cause when in actuality it is just a terrorist organization manifesting their hatred for others. I think these young people are under the impression that they are fighting for something but instead they are falling for the glamour and giving a sense of legitimacy an extremist organization. At the same time, as one person said, the position being put forth by government officials that those who are traveling to Syria or Iraq should be labeled guilty or terrorists will only backfire and serve to increase tensions and deepen divides between British citizens who have innocent connections with those countries. I think its great that this video shows that the public are actually engaged with the news and have an understanding as well as an opinion on the situation that’s going on.

hannah said:

It was great seeing so many views on this. Britons that have gone to fight for ISIS feel they can express their values better with a terrorist organisation than they do with Britain, a place that is supposedly tolerant of everyone. Like someone said, the government is almost doing ISIS dirty work promoting fear and authoritarian rule. Placing a ban on areas where these young people may become extremists will not solve their vulnerability to extremist, anti-human views. Providing a purpose to value human life, including theirs will.

Madhu said:

Coincidently I have watched this video today on International Day of Non-Violence and the birthday of the great leader Mahatma Gandhi. So I can think of one quote by Gandhi that seems apt for people to know- “Don’t be so silly as to resort to terrorism, because you simply damage your own case which otherwise would be a proper case.”

Fisayo said:

I’m always really impressed by the thoughts of the ‘everyday’ citizen. It shows that, contrary to what we are often told, there are a lot of people who are engaged in politics and the world around them generally. That they do have opinions … very valid ones at that!

Thank you WORLDbytes for giving them a forum on which to express themselves. I hope that this video can help to ignite the much needed discussions.

Harlequin Times said:

Wow there are smart people in East london then. Good vid WORLDbytes hope this gets well watched, it’s raised a lot of questions in my head.

Harlequin Times said:

Brilliant video-wow there are smart people in East london then. Good vid WORLDbytes hope this gets well watched, it’s raised a lot of questions in my head.

Amin said:

I think the obsession with online radicalisation and mad religious leaders is useless and misled. We do need, as one person says, to stand up ourselves for some positive values and for a common humanity. The UK needs to set a good example of a superior morality and as one man says some principles. Good video.

Josiah said:

I don’t agree with the government’s response either but I don’t want these young sadists let off scott free for the murder they have committed. I think the ‘Fear’ agenda is counter productive too and I don’t know how we make people more pro-human but we need to, to stop this barbarity.

Sarah K said:

It is a shame there is not a lot of thought given to identity politics here as where do these people who are better off well educated and born here get the idea ‘they’ are the ones to go and fight and murder in someone else’s country-this idea they are ‘different’, ‘representing a specific culture’ which is hard done by needs hammering. The guy who says ISIS feeds on this stuff is right.

Soli said:

I do think we are being too soft on young people in general and I’m only 27 it just seems even people in this video are being too understanding except the guy who calls them sadists. We do live in very anti-human times and pampering young people is making things worse, it is anti-human itself as it is saying you can’t do much without being spoilt and listened to. Makes me angry although I too don’t support the government’s ban ban ban response.