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Students are not children: Viewsbox


Andrew Doyle - students

In this short Viewsbox video stand-up comedian Andrew Doyle explains that telling a minority they are too fragile to hear someone slagging them off is disempowering. WORLDbytes Citizen TV volunteers filmed Andrew in their inflated pop-up Viewsbox at the 2016 conference to launch the shocking findings of The Free Speech University Rankings (FSUR), the UK’s first-ever nationwide analysis of campus censorship. For details of the project visit

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Ann said:

We supposedly live in a democracy so the fact that the NUS can ban certain speakers is madness to me. We need free speech so we can debate issues and tackle the views of those individuals who make them.

Michael said:

I completely agree that a teenager’s opinion shouldn’t be treated as any different as from an adults opinion and that there’s no such thing as altering the right to free speech. The internet has especially showcased the sensitivity of the special snowflake section (Tumblr for example) and has given it more publicity than ever which is fine but they shouldn’t have any effect on real world politics.

Marian Phillips said:

I agree that people shouldn’t be protected from potentially offensive people because this is patronising and dis-empowering BUT I cannot stand offensive people and I believe there must always be consequences to your actions. Banning a nuisance from participating in something is a very good way of teaching them a lesson! My daughter showed me a Youtube video last night of a young man making very pointless offensive comments about another Youtuber. Some of his comments were homophobic and another comment he made instructed the guy to kill himself! The moment I heard that, I wanted to contact Youtube and tell them to ban him from the site even though the guy he had made these comments to was able to laugh about it. But imagine the power of blocking this guy! People might say “how dare you block this guy for speaking his mind but why should he have the right to speak his mind if his mind is evil? So to cut a long story short, freedom of speech should be allowed but there must be consequences to our actions.

Fabian said:

Very, very true. Safe Space policy is pathetic. There’s no middle ground with free speech, if you believe in the right to speak freely then you must go all the way, even if what is being said is highly offensive or incorrect. Speak. Debate. Change.

Luthyano Ferracini said:

Viewsbox- students are not children is showing that students got the right to think for themselves and make their own decisions and know what is best for them as we are talking about their futures and that will affect a lot be it.
we need give them the freedom to speak and show their true potential so we can understand them.