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Visteon workers fight for a better deal


As Britain heads deeper into recession and unemployment rises, this report provides a timely example of workers successfully refusing to accept austerity. A group of workers at Visteon, a car-parts manufacturing company decided to take matters into their own hands and occupy the factory in opposition to a six minute notice to quit and degrading redundancy deal. Reporter Luke Gittos interviews workers and supporters directly after they leave the occupation at the Visteon plant in Enfield.

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bolitrioki said:

Trying to be possitive about this whole thing and knowing that it’s not enough because people have families, mortgages, an age, dreams…. the good thing about all this “battle” is that the workers were fighting to defend their rights. And they won, and they got 10 more times than the money which had been offered…


It’s never enough. But it is the way.

zett said:

Visteon workers made a use of their right to protest, not cowering in front of the company they have been employed for long. It is great that they got 10 times what they were originally offered but it can’t take the bitter taste of this whole thing away. The taste the workers are going to have on their tongue for a long time. The taste that will reappear once the workers are old and in need of a pension.

I find it questionable that the company didn’t guarantee the pension it had promised even if it was in better times. That money should have been saved up, not used for anything but the workers- for whom it was designated.

Ali said:

Ten times more is always worth fighting for