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We Want More Loos: My London



Ever been caught short in the city? The lack of public loos in London is a nightmare. Loos make fab venues for bars we learn, but where are we supposed to pee? This short appeal for more convenient conveniences is well worth supporting. Pass it on and ensure your local council, MP and the Mayor sees it too.

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Pete said:

I do think bars in loos is a bit weird and I sympathise with the guy you filmed in Kentish town-where is he supposed to go? I rarely go in to central London but I think it affects all areas. I do feel sorry for the elderly and anyone with a weak bladder! This should indeed be sent to local councils.

Kathy EnsW said:

Yes this is a good, positive campaigning video, well put togther too-I will definitely share it around. Thank you.

KP said:

Yes good vid, we need more people to get the message out there. It really is bad for shoppers and visitors and all of us and that app which is supposed to tell you where these is a loo features loads that are closed. I think we spend too much time moaning and not enough time actually demanding things like loos.

Hartley said:

Visitors to London must think we are really mean. If we want London to be a really wecoming place loos are basic really. I don’t know if the terrorism panics meant fewer were left standing in central London- I know a lot of litter bins got removed because of this.

Fiona Artridge said:

Well said and made, who hasn’t been caught short.

Jon C said:

Well I think it’s part of a bigger problem of how people think of public services and provision. Talking to my older relatives they say people no longer think of services as serving people but as an employment sector or business. This may be why loos can just get sold off.

S Kelly said:

This is brilliant and we badly need more public toilets. How can London be a world city with so few obvious amenities.