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What Mary Knew


What Mary Knew

Young animator and WORLDbytes volunteer, Jessica Knights, has made her first animated short film exploring some of the philosophical arguments surrounding the mind/body problem. It poses the question; what is consciousness? Prepare for some mind-boggling stuff!

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WORLDbytes – The School of Citizen TV » Best titles and animation said:

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Kal said:

I love this, it puts me in the right mind frame to start studying for my political philosophy module!

Val said:

Just brillaint. Mind or person? What comes first? Is it a divide? We change but we do we change personalities. What about the body, where does that come in? I could go on and all in a few words a lot of great animation. Gotta watch this.

Shazia said:

I can’t explain why this animation has helped my thinking about what makes us human but it has!

Rob said:

I want to meet Mary!

Polly said:

LOVING THIS! Just jam packed with great illustrations and animation that really tell a tale about us. Thanks for this