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Why are we afraid to judge?


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Some celebrate our contemporary unwillingness to judge each other as being a way of ensuring we all get along and no one is excluded. But if everyone’s judgements are equally valid, how might we avoid what cultural critic Richard Hoggart described as ‘a world of monstrous and swirling indifferentiation’? Does today’s non-judgementalism lead to a lack of certainty about where we stand on difficult moral, cultural or political issues and an unwillingness to convince others of what we believe? This thought provoking and insightful debate was filmed at the Battle of Ideas festival.

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Eaman said:

This video sparked great questions and debate about judgement and criticism. I think the point that critics are necessary is crucial, because individuals should take value in their opinions. Debates and criticisms should be made, and not shut down. Issues should be talked about, and discussed, however along with that comes tolerance and respect. An audience member said that judgment is part of human design and I agree with that point. The fact that we are judging whether having judgments are valid or not, demonstrates just how contradictory it all is.

Simon Ricksah said:

I found this very good but had to listen to some speakers twice as it is quite a hard discussion. I think Angus Kennedy makes things clearest that we do have to judge and we do have to discriminate in that reagrd in fact we do it all the time and if we can’t do that, then what?