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Why is energy a battlefield today?


12 Why is energy a battlefield

From environmental to security concerns, everything seems to boil down to energy – how much, where from and what type? It’s clear that we need more, as energy is essential for everything; from nightlife, to running computers and homes, to industry and transport. There are still millions of people worldwide without electricity and new fears of ‘black outs’ in the West. But will producing more make for a better life or accelerate the destruction of the planet? In this fiery debate filmed at the Battle of ideas, the speakers don’t hold back on whether we should consume less or produce more.

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pmgabriel3 said:

Good debate. I’m a bit of a sceptic when it comes to the question of global warming and energy consumption so it’s good to know that I’m not alonie. For a start I find it suspicious that after 100 years of western industrialisation, there’s suddenly an energy crisis just as the developing world begins to aspire to the same standard of living. It’s almost as if “energy correctness” has become a new religion and anyone who questions it is some kind of heretic. Those who argue in favour of it may very well be right, but does that mean that we should surrender out ability to think critically?

Farrah said:

I was surprised with the speakers who were so big on raising the price of our energy supply! Glad the other two speakers and audience members didn’t let them off the hook. Instead of telling us that we need to pay more we should be supplying more energy, more cheaply, to all. As Thomas Deichmann reminds us, in the last 200 years we doubled energy supply every 25 years without any drama. Now, it seems those who can make this happen have lost their nerve and tell us instead to conserve our domestic use.

Balint said:

Great Debate! It comes across like austerity obsessed climate change alarmists versus pro-growth energy innovators. Not enough emphasis on the huge potential of nuclear for my taste, but I applaud the sentiment that we need vastly more energy to meet the needs of the future rather than cutting back, all hair shirt ‘stylee’.