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Women runners with a unique cause


5. Runners with cause

Hear from Saleha and Shasha, carrying the message, unfettered freedom of movement for all and open the borders, on the 5K Adidas run. Too many people? Too many immigrants? A strain on our national resources? These women think not and reason that in fact immigration is an inspiring example of how we can take charge of our own destiny.

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SisterG said:

You know, I had forgotten that actually immigration controls only started a hundred years ago, it has been naturalised so much, seen as a need that we have to do. This has made me think, we make these rules up and we should slam them down now for the sake of equality and freedom.

Caspar said:

I really like how these gals argue the principles of the freedom of movement for all and not just for a certain group. Although I wanted to disagree with Saleha, she is right, nowadays people do argue that people shouldn’t move around the world because of their carbon footprint.