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We have witnessed a revolution and lived to tell the tale.

WORLDwrite’s new film Women: a success story – a liberating tale for a new generation documents the great advances of the past 100 years and celebrates women as equals in the West today. Confronting contemporary myths and prejudices that suggest the world is awash with predators, misogyny and discrimination, forty women give us a fresh perspective, tell us we have nothing to fear and can do anything.

From across the generations, they share their life stories, what they overcome and what’s changed. Interwoven with original archive footage, we learn of women in the cotton mills, life during the war, the 1984 miners’ strike, from outdoor loos, terry nappies and illegal abortions to pre-marital sex, freedom and making it in what was once a man’s world.

Inspired by Joanna William’s book, Women vs Feminism: Why We All Need Liberating from the Gender Wars, the film tells us women have indeed made it and made it happen. This film urges us to revel in our progress and do it with men and not against them.

Constructed as a timeline, the film takes us from the past to the present, as generations of engaging and inspiring women aged 90 to 16 elaborate on their experience of life’s stages. From growing up to dating to education, work, child care and home life to equality now, the stories they share are revealing.

Their thoughts on feminism are illuminating too and the film’s brief foray into political campaigns extraordinary. Punctuated with legal changes and commentary from author Joanna Williams and archivist Dr Mari Takayanagi, we gain an understanding of history and progress.

Peppered with individual success stories from Nadine Strossen, first female president of the ACLU to Ivana Habazin, World middle weight champion boxer, we learn that today, everything is possible. All that holds us back is a narrative that tells us life is particularly difficult for women.

The film was a collective effort by over 100 volunteer researchers, transcribers, presenters and camera operators, alongside the expertise of contributors.

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Film Trailer

The film is available to download or stream on Vimeo here. It is also available on DVD from our online shop here and on Amazon here.

If you are interested in arranging or hosting a screening where you work, study or for an organisation you know, contact us for details. We’d be delighted to provide a speaker too.

See below some images of the women featuring in the film.

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Comments so far

‘What an inspiring and uplifting film! Women: a success story tells the story of modern feminism through the voices of women who lived through it. Their accounts remind us how restricted women were in the past but also the way in which so many women developed the confidence to challenge the status quo. Witty, intelligent and thoughtful, the interviewees talk openly about their experiences of relationships, work and politics. Most interesting is their empathy for the men in their lives and the concern about certain aspects of contemporary feminism. A documentary rich in wisdom and insight – everyone interested in feminism ought to watch it.’ Munira Mirza, director of HENI talks and former London deputy mayor for Education and Culture

‘Really excellent and inspiring film. Both the content and the filmmakers’ dedication and enthusiasm – I want to see it again and read Joanna William’s book.’ Toby Smith

‘Loved it! My generation (I was born in the 1960s) wanted the same freedoms as men, and we took charge of our own destinies. We viewed life as a continual experiment, an urgent pressing into the unknown. If we got knocked down, we got up again and learned from our mistakes. Today, in contrast, too many young women want their safety, security and happiness guaranteed in advance. They obsess over trivial issues – wolf whistling, badly phrased jokes and misplaced compliments –which not only portrays women as numpties, but pitches men and women against each other in a never-ending gender war that benefits no-one. A must see for the young generation, and required viewing for a fair few TV producers as well.’ Jenny Mistry

Women: A Success Story is a thoroughly inspiring and captivating documentary that challenges the idea that there has never been a worse time to be a woman, by exploring the reality of women’s lives over the last 100 years. From the back street abortions to outside loos, it shows how young women today have freedom and opportunities their grandmothers could barely have imagined. I will definitely show it at my university!’ Jasmine Novak

‘Just watched your film on women and loved every minute of it – analysis, presentation, variety of people involved in talking about women’s road to liberation, archive material. So good to hear a different view to the narrative that most men are sexual predators and most women their victims.  This is an excellent film on so many counts and deserves to be broadly seen.’ Shelia Dolan

‘Brilliant film – I am constantly shocked and dismayed by the nearly Victorian notions promulgated by today’s feminists about the fragility of women and their naïve helplessness in asserting control over their own lives. So thank you for providing a platform to 40 extraordinary women, who demonstrated the tough, no-crap attitude of the rebellious women of the past. I hope you succeed in getting this film out to a much wider audience.’  Cathy Gannaway


Women: a success story was launched at the Battle of Ideas in London on Sunday 14 October and had its London premiere at the Castle Cinema in Hackney on Saturday 1st December at 11am.

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The charity aims to take this film to a whole new audience, but festival entries and screenings are expensive. If you are one of those bold people who appreciate the need for a film which challenges the current view of women as perpetual victims, incapable of dealing with offensive language, unwanted advances and their own love life, please give generously via the JustGiving link here. Your support will be invaluable.

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