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WORLDbytes Awards 2013

Birthday wishes from around the world

I wish WORLDbytes and all its organizers, volunteers, partners & friends happy birthday and a fantastic, anniversary barbecue party!

Whatever the Queen says, immigrants and everybody else, are always “encouraged” and never “deterred” from promoting and celebrating Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Association and prosperity as Citizens and Citizen TV makers with WORLDbytes!

My kindest regards from Tokyo.” Dario Ceccoli

Congratulations on this tremendous milestone. It has been such pleasure working for WORLDbytes and with all the great volunteers. All the best and cheers to many more years of success.” Vivita Sequeira

Sadly I won’t be able to make it to your celebration being stuck at the other end of the country. I will say this both for myself and for The Great Debate – From the Development, Sustainability and Environmentalism conferences (2003 onwards) through the making of Flush it! and Don’t Shout at the Telly North East (2009) to the screening of Sylvia Pankhurst: Everything is Possible your work has been a huge inspiration to us in the North East. WORLDbytes in particular gave rise to a whole new media strand to our work which has become central to what we do. So thanks and congratulations on the first five years of your Citizen TV station – may there be many more! Best wishes.” Caspar Hewett, The Great Debate, Newcastle

Sorry I shan’t be able to come to the awards event as I’ll be pretending to be a Merchant Navy War Hero in Ipswich for the evening. I will say that making a modest contribution to the Seven Billion population episode pretending to be a misanthropic scandal tattler was engaging, educational and very enjoyable. Even in the few hours working on the project my opinions and lazily-arrived-at-beliefs on the subject were held up for a bit of examination and subsequent films have continued to do the same. More power to your elbow Cits TV!!!James Hirst, actor

Congratulations on Citizen TV reaching its fifth birthday! At 5 years old, Citizen TV should be regarded as a prodigy in regards to the vast organised cooperation synchronised to output original content with a unique ‘flavour’ on a consistent basis. Well done and keep up the great work!Ahmed Ali (Alumni Volunteer at WORLDbytes). Currently in Vietnam

I am so sorry I cannot join you for your amazing event. World Bytes and Citizen TV have proved over the last five years that we can do things to get alternative messages out there. The slogan of “changing what’s on the telly” rather than shouting at it is very well thought out and gives exactly the right message at a time when media is far more accessible than ever and covers a variety of products. I hope that the evening goes well – I am sure that it will! Best wishes for the next five years!” Jon Bryan, Treasurer, The Great Debate, Newcastle

Happy Birthday WorldBytes. In the brief time I’ve been involved with your programmes, I’ve met some of the warmest, kindest people; I’ve learned to question the prejudices of the mainstream media and I’ve had an absolute ball. Thank you for your amazing work, and I hope WORLDbytes continues its positive work with young people.” Vidhi Doshi

So sorry I cannot attend your Citizen TV Station 5th Birthday Event. I know you have all worked hard to make it happen. So keep up the good work as there are many ordinary people like me watching your progress with admiration. Best wishes.Elsie Hallsworth

Happy 5th Birthday to WORLDbytes. In some ways, I can’t believe you are so young, because you have become such a major and indispensable part of my media consumption,  I feel as though you have always been there.  Sadly we live in an era in which mainstream media seem to imagine audiences need to be pandered to and fed a diet of simplistic messages, an era in which so much of TV boasts a wide variety of formats without realising they offer little variety of content, endlessly repeating received wisdoms.  How refreshing then to have this feisty channel to shake up orthodoxies, to make us all think, to challenge audiences with new ways of looking at the world.  Hurrah for your irreverence and taking your audience seriously enough to argue with us. 

I am sorry I can’t be with you in person, but I feel I will be able to join-in vitually by drinking a toast to the fabulous WORLDbytes team, while watching one of your brilliant programmes.  What better way to celebrate!Claire Fox, Director, Institute of Ideas

We realize we will be missing out on the social event of the year. Happy Birthday WORLDbytes.” Dr Andrew Calcutt

To all WORLDbytes old and new crew members. Sorry I can’t be there to raise a glass to celebrate five years of feisty citizen TV. You have proven week in week out that serious investigation and asking the hard questions is an engaging antidote to the vanity of awareness raising.” Steve Daley, Clew Bay Ireland

Happy Birthday Worldbytes! Keep up the fantastic work… it’s especially important for those of us who live outside the UK. Wish we could be there to celebrate with you all.” Janice, Jon & Jaxon Derow. J3, Brooklyn, New York

I’m sorry I can’t be with you tonight. Hope you have an excellent time. I’m proud to be associated with an organisation that constantly demonstrates such acute insight into the world and such professionalism.” Daniel Ben Ami, Economics writer & author. Currently in France

A major big congratulations on your Citizen TV station reaching its five year birthday. The world is definitely a more enlightened and better place for all your work.
I really hope the evening goes brilliantly for you, and here’s looking forward to the next five years of WORLDbytes. All the best.” Chris Sharp Photographer.

Happy birthday WORLDbytes. Keep on keeping on, you’re an inspiration to us all.” Bruno Waterfield Brussels Correspondent, Telegraph

Congratulations. Keep up the great work!Sabine Reul Textbüro Reul GmbH, Germany

Huge congrats on turning five, WORLDbytes. I fondly remember my initial discussions with Ceri and Viv about building the website back in 2008, and have had great fun with each iteration of it since. Sorry I can’t make it tonight – here’s to many more years!Kyle Duncan This is forge. Presently in the USA

Happy Birthday to WORLDbytes. You have brought the ‘real’ into reality, where no one will dare go you have gone and shined light. Thanks for being original.” Damy

Congratulations to WORLDbytes for your incisive and plain-spoken broadcasting of serious developmental issues that prick the cynic and empower the downtroddden.” Deroy kwesi Andrew Assistant lecturer Wisconsin Int. University, Accra, Ghana

Have a great birthday bash, WORLDbytes. Wish I was there. Your work is an inspiration and so is your team. Enjoy tonight, you’ve earned it. Then back to work – the world needs you!Pauline Hadaway, Director Belfast Exposed


WORLDbytes Awards night

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