This multi-award winning channel produces programmes made by volunteers trained by the charity WORLDwrite

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WORLDbytes fifth anniversary awards


Highlights from WORLDbytes 5th Birthday Party and its first Oscar-style Awards Ceremony held at the WORLDwrite centre reveal the breadth and depth of the Citizen TV station’s inspiring programmes. Interspersed with speeches, winning clips, interviews, partying and the unveiling of an extraordinary art work, WORLDbytes’ pioneering endeavour clearly merited this stylish celebration. With 600 programmes in its first five years, over 1000 volunteer-shooters trained for free and topping a million viewings, the charity has much to be proud of. Anniversary messages of support from around the world are available to view here.

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Ali said:

Looks like a team of enthusiastic, friendly people who are ready to challenge common assumptions, and be stimulated by a range of subject matters. I’m looking forward to getting involved, and having some of the fun, opportunities and experience that these volunteers have clearly had through their association with Worldbytes!

Alexandra Valenzuela said:

Clearly, Wordlbytes has been a fun, opportunistic and valuable experience for the variety of people involved. This video shows that whilst Worldbytes is about challenging common assumptions and providing different perspectives, it is also about having fun with others who are equally as enthusiastic to provide stimulating and alternative viewpoints. Watch this to put faces to the names of those hugely influential to the organisation, and for an insight as to the interesting topics Worldbytes covers.

Serene said:

Congratulations to Worldbytes and the winners.

Sabrina said:

What an amazing night. Sad to have missed it. Happy birthday WORLDbytes!

Caterina said:

Happy birthday WORLDbytes and congratulations to winners, I wish all the best.

JB said:

Quite an event I like your outdoor screen-projection

Sarah K said:

Looks like a great night congrats to winners and the presenter is very good

Carol said:

A great night, worthy winners, great food and great company.
I look forward to the next 5 years of WORLDbytes.

Marisa said:

It was a great evening full of very inspirational people.

Andy Hirst said:

I was really pleased with the event itself and happy to reflect upon 5 years of Citizen TV work – with some great volunteers and co-workers. Even I got a mention!