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Youth today: unemployed or unemployable?


Youth today: unemployed or unemployable?

With over one million 16-24 year olds currently unemployed in the UK, joblessness among the young is a pressing problem. Yet it’s not a new one. In the past people often moved to find work; today a record number of young people remain at home living with their parents. Do young British people need to have a bit more ‘get-up-and-go’ or are such cultural explanations for unemployment merely a cover for the market’s failure to provide work? Filmed at the Battle of ideas, speakers include: Tess Lanning; Jo Lopes; Shiv Malik & Peter Smith. The debate is chaired by Joel Cohen.

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jersgamne said:

This is considered one of by far the best story.

Tamanna said:

I think there is a high demand on work but there is not many opportunities for young people like us to easily find work. I am grateful to the amount of training and experience courses we are offered because this will help in our future carriers. I think more work should be available for people like us because we could do the same work which everyone else can do. Very few youths get employed and when they are employed its not to any great job its things like dish washing and mostly in retail places which isn’t helping us gain anything. So I believe more jobs should be available to us.

Pooja said:

If I apply for a job and I have the skills required then apply for the job it is likely that there already is another person out there who has the skills for the job as well but then they get the job instead of me so the cycle of unemployment continues as i am still jobless along with other youths. Even tough there are a lot of opportunities to gain more skills, there is a huge demand for specific jobs so only a few youths get employed, but the rest still struggle to find that job which is highly suited to them.

Stephen said:

The problem with the youth of today is, no one actually did throw rotten fruit at Peter Smith, and people like him!

Anonymous said:

My health is already bad, if I moved out it would just get worse by virtue of being unable to afford fresh food like my parents can. I long for independence but there is just no incentive. The only solution I see is to move to a City.

John said:

As a “youth” I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a job for lack of trying. A few of them do live at home but only because they are unable to make enough to get a place for themselves. I believe no one wants to be unemployed and on benefits, just like no one for the most part wants to live at home. We work our asses off but the job market is tough. I just got out of film school and so many jobs are favours, there are so many talented skillful people who work for free or practically nothing, people who have far more experience and skill than I do, who barely get paid anything just because that’s what it’s like out there. So I begrudge these people who would blame us and claim we need to have more of a “get-up-and-go” attitude. We’re a generation of young living in the worst economic climate since the great depression. We deserve to be cut some slack.